Sunday, December 5, 2010

Response to Debbie's Blog

Debbie blogged a very hilarious experience that she had while discussing the Book of Ruth with her mother. And it made me realize the absolute treasure that the Bible becomes in the world of storytelling. Her mom was reading The Book of Ruth, as described by Plotz, and her mother says, "So, Boaz didn't want to get into Ruth's pants?" After I laughed until my sides ached, I began to realize how different interpretations of the Bible lead to different endings in each of the stories. And that is part of the beauty of it all because it leads to many understandings and messages hidden beneath the trialing language of the Bible. Debbie showed this well in her blog by demonstrating the different comprehensions of the Book of Ruth between her mother and David Plotz. We translate these stories into our own understandings, and the tale of storytelling continues on with how the work is learned and taken in. This may lead to misinterprtations, or just another way of telling the story different than others have. For that is the importance for being a reader of the Bible, and for the room that is given to learn and appreciate the meaning of the Books, which leads to a fuller understanding of the Bible as a whole.

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