Thursday, November 18, 2010

Why haven't I finished the Bible?

I haven't finished the Bible yet for several reasons.

1... well, I may be a slow reader, and the Bible is more complex and full of meaning than any literature I have yet to encounter.

2... I read a Book of the Bible and gain my own understanding of the story. And then I read Plotz
to compare how accurate my understanding is as compared to his. So, this takes some time.

3... To read the Bible to it's entirety takes more time than I am able to put forth in a given semester along with all my other readings.

After reading the above accusations as to why I haven't finished, do not let me fool you into thinking I won't finish! Because I will. I want to be able to not only proudly say that I have finished the Bible, but hold a valid argument and to articulate my thoughts about the Books in the Bible with any Bible thumper out there. I'll show them what it really takes to thump it after having read it from cover to cover! :) ... And I also want to finish it for myself. I, so far, have been introduced to some of the most wonderful stories I have yet to encounter and have negated all mundane views of the Bible I have once had. I want to continue to dive in head first, with no armor, but prepared to take on the headstrong battle of interpreting it for myself.

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