Friday, November 19, 2010

Jesus is Everywhere!

The following are pictures of the face of Jesus in bizarre places. He is with us everywhere, I suppose.
A picture was captured of Jesus in the clouds.

On the left someone popped their toast out of the toaster, and Jesus' face appeared!
And on the right the face of the Virgin Mary appeared on a grilled cheese after it was
taken off the frying pan. Talk about breakin' the bread!

A person took a bite into a Kit Kat bar and claims to have looked down and have seen the face of Jesus... sort of. Break me off a peice of that... Jesus!

A family breakfast turned religious when a mother opened a jar of Marmite to put on her son's toast, and WHAM... Jesus face.

Here, Jesus was found after someone had fried some pot stickers! Nice choice Jesus. Those are delicious.

Before someone could get to soaking their pots and pans, this face of Jesus appeared on the bottom of the grease.

Have you ever gotten ready to peel back a banana and seen the face of Jesus in the bruised fruit? Neither did this lady until she pulled it from her fruit bowl! Another form of Jesus in fruit, he appears in this orange soon enough to been seen before someone sliced it further.

Someone searched on Google Earth a farm in Hungary and were
astonished when the face of Jesus appeared on their map.
Holy Cow!

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