Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Book of Genesis

I went to Catechism classes when I was younger, where I read parts of the Bible but nowhere near all of it. I am sure those classes would have came in handy now when having to face our task of tackling the whole Bible. However, I have now read Genesis. And it is sad how much I did not know. Maybe, I am oblivious? or maybe life gets too busy to care if I have memorized what happens in every book of the Bible? Who knows. But now that I am taking a class, that I have to know the books of the Bible, it will be nice to actually HAVE to know them. Because all in all, I want to.
So, surprises from Genesis?
Please do not think less of me from my responses. Just remember that I do not have my Bible reading experiences ok? haha.
I knew about the creation of earth.
I knew Adam and Eve
And then the book of Genesis says... Adam and Eve had a son named...Cain! Ok ok ok, Not surprising to most of you. I knew of the brothers Cain and Abel, but I have no idea why I did not know that they were the sons of Adam and Eve.
Alright, I need to keep reading. I have to reach each page twice, and we have Bible class today, so I need to keep reading.

Until next time fellow Bible readers.

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